Places to Visit


Thriving provincial city with nice Town Hall, Belfry Tower, Beguinage, Church of our Lady.
Experience the national Flax and Lace museum. Excellent pubs and restaurants.


Medieval city with picturesque canals and lots of old buildings. Impressive Town Hall, Basilica of the Holy Blood, Church of our Lady with the Madonna by Michelangelo, beguinage, fine museums.


Magnificent city of art. Admire the guild houses along the Graslei. Nice Townhall with Belfrytower. Admire the world famous Mystic Lamb by the Van Eyck brothers in the St. Baafscathedral. Fine museums on modern and old art, furniture, industrial archaeology.


Harbour city, with an impressive past. Visit the Rubens house, Plantin Moretusmuseum or just walk along the nice shops and beautiful old houses. Admire the townhall and the recently restored Church of our lady.
Antwerp is world known for its diamonds!


Capital of Europe and Belgium. Enjoy a drink at the Market Square, from where you have a nice view on the Town Hall and the various Guild Houses. Admire world known Manneken Pis. Museum freaks will find plenty of possibilities: museum of fine arts, Auto world, Strip museum, War museum etc.
Antique lovers will like it at the Zavel/Sablon area. Excellent train connections.


Well known for its great cathedral in roman style. Nice museum of folkloric art. important tapestry centre.


Old Flemish city with the second biggest museum of fine arts in France (N°1 being the Louvre). Stroll along the ancient Lille, with its nice houses and shops. Impressive town hall. Nice restaurants.


Fortified city with impressive Market Place. Admire the nice Town Hall with its Cloth Hall and Belfry Tower. Here you can visit the In Flanders Fields Museum. It’s a peace museum and a permanent reproach against the atrocities of the First World War, that totally destroyed Ieper.